Our aim is to contribute knowledge of the highest intrinsic value for the growth and development of intelligence in all areas of life, may it be education, work, parenting, business, politics, economics, military intelligence etc.

Our Seminar provide you with first hand knowledge of this amazing intelligence at work and we are here to assist you to discover how you can grow, enhance and build Glial Cells, the Genius Brain.

Seminar Worldwide

Seminar Worldwide

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Our training programme are customized for individual clients' needs. Please email us at srhventures@genius-mind.com.my or call us for modules, training dates and other details. Here are some examples of our modules designed to assist your need.

Module 1

Spirituality In The Workplace

The Spiritual Value of Today in Organizations
Spirituality and Intelligence At Work
Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace
Organisational Change Towards Spirituality
Leadership and Contemplation
Highly Effective Decision Making  

This module help individuals to:

Develop skill competency to articulate spirituality in the context of their belief system.
Help individuals to understand spiritual intelligence and its impact in the workplace, family, social interaction, thought process, finance, health etc.
Progress towards a well balanced life i.e combine career and private life, reduce stress, spiritual growth, develop intelligence and personal satisfaction. 
Display the ability to solve problems and solutions matrix in easily and effortlessly without any physical intervention.
Reflect upon current management and generate creative ideas and the best practice and plan for work is done with a "World Class" mindset.

Module 2

Building "World Class" Mindset Through 
Leveraging The Power of Glial Cells

What are Glial Cells and What are they doing?
Quantum Mechanics of The Brain Through Holistic Engineering.
How Intelligence Is Organized Within The Scale of The Brain.
Simple yet powerful tips to help grow, enhance and build Glial Cells, the Genius Brain.

This module help individuals to:

Understand that Glial Cells provide an intrinsic value to impact the intelligence of individuals in shaping their life, work, thought process, learning process and abilities.
To determine the need to produce World Class mindset with multiple skills for the growth and development of a nation and to be successful in the global arena.
Understand that Geniuses are not born, they are moulded.
Understand that Geniuses can be moulded regardless of physical and spiritual defects.
Understand individual's inner strength, abilities and true potential.
Understand that Glial Cells and Spiritual Intelligence development and growth are inseparably linked that impact the ways individuals govern life, work, education, social interactions, economy, law, technology etc.

Thank you.