Our aim is to contribute knowledge of the highest intrinsic value for the growth and development of intelligence in all areas of life, may it be education, work, parenting, business, politics, economics, military intelligence etc.

Our Seminar provide you with first hand knowledge of this amazing intelligence at work and we are here to assist you to discover how you can grow, enhance and build Glial Cells, the Genius Brain.

Seminar Worldwide

Seminar Worldwide

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Leadership With Multiple Skills and "God Intelligence" Mindset


Globalization has converted the world and the need for multiple skills with intelligent mind-set is crucial for everyone to emerge effective and successful. Research has now validated that we need the intelligence of mind in order to immerse as great leaders.

Speed is the modern theme. Decisions and change we make rule not only what our organization become but what sort of nation we are living in. In this environment, a new and deeper intelligence is required to help humans manage life and work efficiently with a genius approach.


The objective of this seminar is to help leaders develop, create and build human potential of the highest intrinsic value in the phenomena of change and performance at extraordinary levels. The attributes of Intelligent minds are: capability to multitask, whole brain thinking, “world class” mindset, highly skilled, integrity, technology intelligence, emotional intelligence, genius scheme and plan and many more.

Who should attend?

This seminar is highly recommended for Military, HR Managers, Policy Makers, Government officers, Woman and Child Development Department, School/College/University Counsellors and Administrators, Head of Rehabilitation Centres, Prison Director and Counsellors.

The first day module help participants:

  •         Aware and understand the deeper intelligence guidance and its impact on team, organization and nation’s performance.

  • ·       Aware that the mind has access to extraordinary potentialfrom higher levels of intelligence.

  • ·    Understand how to develop intelligent attributesand multiple skills that is required for the advancement of economic growth, science and technology;

  • ·       Aware what kind of emotion and intelligence that is needed to align it with organizational value, mission and vision.

  • ·       Develop the right values and guidance for success;

  • ·       Intelligent leadership levels and intelligent attributes are explored.